Cdrtools: Win x86_64 Binaries

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Last Change: 2018/01/20

You can download self-compiled versions of the CDRTOOLS from Joerg Schilling.

If you have problems, please contact the author (Joerg Schilling) directly, I'm NOT the programmer!

Win x86_64-Binaries
Additional DLLS
cygwin1.dll (x86_64) NEW! DLL version 2.10.0
Sources of the DLLs and additional information concerning cygwin can be found here:


Frontends (GUIs) running under Windows for the cdrtools:
CDRTFE from Oliver Valencia
EASY_BURNING & co. from Dirk Paehl
INFRA RECORDER from Christian Kindahl

I'm not using any of this frontends.
If there are problems, feel free to contact the author of the software.

--> Contact:

Thomas Plank