TU Graz Newsreader

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What is TU Graz Newsreader?

TU Graz Newsreader is an Android newsgroup reader for the University of Technology, Graz. It makes it very simple to browse through all the newsgroups and allows you to post directly from your smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded, the posts are even available without internet connection.

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Smilies and Formatting
Formatting The three most common formatting rules for plaintext are supported, *bold*, /italic/ and _underline_ and URLs are automatically highlighted and clickable. Signatures are recognized and displayed in gray to not distract from the main content. Moreover, a lot of smilies are supported.

All those features can be enabled and disabled individually in the settings.
Quoting When displaying a post with quotes, there is no limit to the depth of the quotation. Every level is displayed with a different color and makes it therefore easy to see who the author of the quoted text was.

When replying to a post, the post is automatically quoted.
Reply view
Reply View Beneath the currently viewed post is a hierarchical display of all posts in this thread. This makes it easy to jump to a specific post and to see which posts have been read already. The hierarchical layout has the advantage of showing the relationship between posts. By long clicking on a post title it is also possible to mark a post as read or unread and to share a post (for example by mail).
...and many more
There are a lot more features, like
  • an offline mode which supports reading all posts offline that have been downloaded
  • cancelling of posts
  • a user defined signature that is added to every post
  • support for most character encodings, even in subject and author name
  • an option to hide all threads where all posts have been read
  • a search function for available newsgroups
  • a post info, that displays all available infos for a post like author, subject, date, newsgroups, message id, etc...
So check out this useful app.


TU Graz Newsreader was developed by Michael Schwarz.
You can reach me via e-mail: michael.schwarz@student.tugraz.at