Cdrtools: Win32 Binaries

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Last Change: 2015/03/25

You can download self-compiled versions of the CDRTOOLS from Joerg Schilling.
Also CDRDAO is available for download.

If you have problems, please also contact the author (Joerg Schilling) directly, I'm NOT the programmer!

Win32-Binaries (newest available)
Win32-Binaries (latest stable)
Additional DLLS
cygwin1.dll DLL version 1.7.35
Sources of the DLLs and additional information concerning cygwin can be found here:


Frontends (GUIs) running under Windows for the cdrtools:
CDRTFE from Oliver Valencia
ABLEBURN from Bart Michel
EASY_BURNING & co. from Dirk Paehl
INFRA RECORDER from Christian Kindahl

I'm not using any of this frontends.
If there are problems, feel free to contact the author of the software.

--> Contact:

Thomas Plank